Are you ORANGE?

Are you ready for new challenges? Highly motivated and love to work with passion and purpose for a global team? Then you are exactly what we were looking for!

Are you international?

Does diversity means valuing people from other cultures with respect, friendliness and interest? Are you aware of your own strengths and know where to leverage the strengths of your international colleagues to thrive? Are you convinced that working with international partners will enrich you and your employer beyond the business relationship? Then you fit in with us, because you are international.

Are you dynamic?

Do you take on new challenges with ease? Do you have the ability to critically question things and the courage to change them? Are you motivated to always discover the next challenge? Then you are dynamic and fit into our team.

Are you owner?

Flat hierarchies and partnership-based collaboration with colleagues and superiors – is that how you imagine your ideal work environment? Do you like to work independently and identify yourself with your company? Are you willing to put the work in? If necessary, can you also express constructive criticism? Then we need you, because you know what it means to live ownership.

Are you out-of-the-box?

Do you respond to challenges with innovative solutions? Do you like to come up with creative ideas? Do you have the courage to think differently and to express and implement your unconventional suggestions? Then you should think about joining us, because you think out-of-the-box.

Are you ORANGE?

Are you international, dynamic, responsible and do you think outside the box? Do you perform with passion? Do you take pride in your work? Then you are ORANGE.

Who else is ORANGE?

Get to know us. Behind each one of us at icunet is an exciting story