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„If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. If broken from an inside force, life begins.

Great things start with humble beginnings from within – With a little help from icunet as a think tank and catalyst you can take on the challenges of the next year and the next decade

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We aren’t waiting on new solutions, we develop them with you.

An Innovative spirit and passion are in our DNA. With the Innovation Hub we are creating a co-creation platform where we match our offering with your challenges to develop game-changing ideas.

Our goal: With our software, analysis and consulting solutions, we enable you to think outside the box and implement your digital transformation, focusing primarily on Global Mobility, International Collaboration and Learning & Development.

Proof of Concept

Digital. Intelligent. Efficient.
A Selection of Our Solutions

Relocation meets IND

The heart of the digital ecosystem for Global Mobility

IND helps companies save up to 45 percent on costs through process optimization and automation. Interfaces to relevant partner systems allow the automated exchange of data and documents. This keeps all parties involved in the assignment chain up to speed: from employees to HR, movers, relocation consultants, and other service providers. The result: IND creates levers for quality assurance and improvement by evaluating the individual processes step by step.


learnhub – hacks for working across cultures

Our digital learning platform learnhub offers effective e-learning, which can be done no matter where or when, helping your employees build new competencies and prepare for the challenges at hand.

In addition to culture-specific content, such as Negotiating in China or Giving Effective Feedback in the USA, personal development topics are also offered, such as Building Resilience or Remote Leadership.

The courses can either be completed directly via our learning platform or made available on your company’s own Learning Management System.

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What makes ICUnet so

Customer Centricity

We work in a customer- and solution-oriented manner with our key stakeholders at the top of mind in any decision we make. This is how we create our unique customer experience. It always starts with you.


We create meaningful solutions not out of thin air, but with you, for you.

We think in iterations

We create meaningful solutions not out of thin air, but with you, for you.

We are global

Expertise in working internationally guarantees a global rollout with attention to local needs and particularities.

Future Innovation Stories.

Transform Hub

For us the future of learning means finding more effective ways of transferring competence by working in the context of your environment.

Situational interventions (e.g. training) fall victim to a curve of forgetfulness. In plain language: 80% of the content in situational intervention are forgotten within two weeks. It’s just human nature. The Transform Hub extends situational intervention with digital coaching. This makes a competence transfer much more sustainable and the ROI more economical.

Analytics Hub

Only those who know where they stand can make targeted changes. The Analytics Hub is a digital tool for system measurement or location determination of companies and organizations. The results can be used to derive targeted, minimally invasive measures in terms of innovation, agility, productivity and resilience. Thus you can ensure in your transformation process that you do not use a broad-spectrum antibiotic but an effective therapy.

Are you looking for a solution? We will find and develop it.